• Our company was founded in 1994 and has been producing handmade and manufactured wedding rings and wedding bands. Our products are produced in İzmir and are delivered to dealers trought the sales channel established all around Turkey.

    2003 our İstanbul office was opened and we quickly reached all around Turkey, foreign markets. All of our wedding rings,wedding bands are handmade and carry the brand name of TARZ. We can produce the rings according to the clients preferences in different carats such as in 8,14 and 18 carats. We can also produce silver as well.

    With the initation of export facilities in 2002 our products started to exported to countries like USA, Israel, UEA, Iran, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia etc. Also we have distributors in Germany,Russia,Romania,Egypt and Bangkok (Tailand). We do send our products dircetly to these countries.